Mr. V Superhero Sponsorship

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There are so many great things taking place, but as you know, Mr. Vanderquack is not currently a 501 (c) 3 organization. It is in the works, but those things take time. 

In the mean time, there are a few things that we are going to be purchasing to make our journeys to St. Jude smoother in delivering Mr. V capes and V-Dar badges. 

The acquisition of a 5x8 Victory cargo trailer is top on the list which is being purchased at 50% off the price.   As soon as we pick up the trailer, we will be taking it directly to the sign shop to be wrapped with our Mr. V superhero theme wrap which will be the same day we conduct the unveiling of his awesome superhero-ness to the world. 

The graphic design wrap will include  QR scan codes on all four sides to accept donations directly to St. Jude everywhere we go! Our message and our mission will be loud and clear.  Out on the town, or out on the trails, we are raising money for St. Jude in a big way.

Your sponsorship will also aid in stocking our first 1000 set of capes and V-Dar Badges to be delivered to children at St. Jude.  Cape Sponsorships are available for $50, which helps in purchasing 10 capes/badge sets.

This also presents a unique opportunity for 100 individual superhero founders.  We have included a space on the trailer to add the names of 100 individual sponsors on the trailer.  Not just businesses, but real Jeepers just like you and me. 

The cost of sponsorship is $120.  You will not only have your name forever memorialized as a founding superhero member on Mr. V's wrapped trailer, you will also receive your official Mr. V cape (adult size), certificate and the coveted Mr. V Superhero  Founding Member T-shirt.