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We start with our infancy level- a duckling.  As a Duckling, your role will be an active one at a local level. Spreading awareness with local Jeepers and clubs about our mission with Junior and how they can follow along.  It's also a perfect role for connecting with local St. Jude families that we can nurture and embrace through their families' battle. While it seems like a small role, it carries an impactful position.

Then move onto our creative adventurous stage- the Adventure Ambassador. Blazing the trail to broader outreaches into the Jeep nation family.  This role is an even greater impact as you educate your communities and show them just how much fun it is to be a part of our important mission with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The Adventure Ambassador will be our eyes and actions in the community to share our St. Jude story.  Additionally, you will be sharing your community stories with us so that we can showcase just how awesome the Jeep community is when partnering with Mr. Vanderquack's mission. Your input from the community guides us in the development and direction to further our mission.  Ultimately- your role as an Adventure Ambassador creates a strong and powerful impact on social media channels with personal connections. Your role also helps to strengthen our Duckling's so that they can join you on the open road.

And lastly and our most important directive- our Mission Drivers. Becoming a part of the advisory and leadership team.  Your intuitive insight and influence aids in creation of powerful marketing, community outreach programs, resources for families, leadership conference and actively reinforce our community engagement.  It's a pivotal position that requires a true dedication and passion to drive our mission forward to greater heights. It's for those Jeepers whose passion to save lives and enrich communities takes the front seat.

  Our Mission's Growth comes with rewards that recognizes you for your dedication. We are excited to share that these roles of commitment come with great rewards to you personally for giving your time to further develop Mr. Vanderquack's core mission growth.

 Let's talk rewards!

Credential Kit:  2022 Leadership Membership Card (allow 2-3 weeks to arrive in your mailbox), Affiliation Letter, Access to Media Kits for promotion.

Kick'n Childhood Cancer T-Shirt:  Our current campaign tee for you to wear anytime you head out to talk about Mr. Vanderquack Junior's mission.  Sm-5XL Size Availability

VJ Magazine:  Our brand new digital quarterly magazine!  Showcasing awesome Jeeps, Super Cool Jeepers, Tech Tips, St. Jude stories and more.

See it First:  Get the first glimpse and opportunity to know what's new and what is coming before anyone else.

Gear & Ticket Discounts:  Website discounts for our leadership role members.

VJ Magazine Contributor:  Your voice, your stories, our mission is told by you every quarter.  

VIP Special Event Attendee:  Mission Drivers will automatically be able to attend private events with St. Jude, Jeep and additional supporting brands.  Adventure Ambassadors will be invited on an availability basis according to the event guidelines.

VJ Magazine Spotlight:  You and your Jeep can be featured on the cover, centerfold or spotlights in the magazine.

All Access Tickets:  Free all access tickets for you and everyone in your Jeep to attend Juniors Welcome Home Party September 22-24 in Drummond Tennessee.

Mission Driver Sneakers:  Yep, only our dedicated Mission Drivers will score an elite pair of sneakers with their Jeep Name, Mission Driver Title and Juniors logo on their custom sneaker.  It's freaking awesome!