About Our Mission

What started as an innocent conversation between a wife and her husband mid 2021, snowballed into a fantastic testament to the Jeep community where passion and purpose came together for a great cause. 

You might ask, what cause?

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where families don't have to worry about the bill.  Where they treat the patient, not the cancer or illness. Where they allow parents to purely focus on their child getting better- and nothing else.

Our GIANT plush Ambassador, Mr. Vanderquack set out on his first adventure on September 3, 2021, and never looked back.  He was under the care of loving, kind and generous Jeep owners for the next 195 days and 47,000 miles riding shotgun in their Jeeps.

Mr. Vanderquack's Mov'n for St. Jude Jeep Convoy finished out their inaugural mission March 2022 raising over $150,000 for St. Jude.  Which is 1500% above the humble and initial goal of $10,000.

Mr. Vanderquack turns over our mission to Junior at his Welcome Home Party in Glen Carbon, Illinois on March 19,2022

The mission evolved as quickly as Mr. V (which became his affectionately loving nickname) relayed from one Jeep seat to the next in his adventure.  It was by the far the largest duck, duck, relay that has every happened!

Volunteers stepped up to drive, convoy, set up fundraisers locally, lead States and Regions under the guidelines of our mission.  The success of his inaugural mission was fueled by the Jeep community at every turn of the road.

Our Core Value is Simple:  One Mission, One Purpose, One Vehicle Brand

Our mission is to bring attention to childhood cancer awareness and raise money annually for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the biggest Jeep convoy that stretches across all 50 States.

Mr. Vanderquack tours Jeep Plant in Toledo, Ohio on March 5,2022

  Mr. Vanderquack was even welcomed to an amazing tour at the Jeep Plant in Toldeo, Ohio in March 2022

 Heroes come in all sizes- including a 20 inch plush duck with a heart of gold for the families that depend on St. Jude.


 Our  Mr. Vanderquack Founder Lisa Unverzagt, is also a fellow Jeep owner.  A mother of seven children and grandmother to twenty-one and counting.  It's no surprise that she has a ton of love for children.  Her passion to bring the Jeep community together combined with her admiration for St. Jude- so that no parent or grandparent loses a child.  The Jeep community embraced her vision and the rest... well it's in our review mirror.  Onward to many more years of success in fundraising for St. Jude.

Lisa Unverzagt, Founder of Mr. Vanderquack Mov'n for St. Jude Jeep Convoy during an interview for a Duckmentary

 Spreading awareness is what ignites the passion to raise money during our mission.  What didn't start out as a Nationwide event- quickly took on the direction and has allowed the Jeep family to be a blessing to the children and families.

National Media has covered Mr. V's adventures in every State and has helped to fuel the passion in local communities to drive donations alongside our Jeep communities.

 Our Mr. Vanderquack Jeep community is almost 7000 strong across the United States and is growing more everyday.  If you have a Jeep, join us!  If you don't have a Jeep- buy one!  They come with a remarkable family.  If you want to support our mission, you don't have to own a Jeep but we may try converting you :)