About Us

What started as an innocent conversation between a wife and her husband, snowballed into a fantastic testament to the Jeep community where passion and purpose came together for a great cause. 


Here is exactly the one single social media post that started us on this journey.


"So I told my hubby my plan to have some fun within the Jeep community. He said it would be super cool…. IF I can pull it off! Sounds like a Jeep challenge to me, so hold my beer!
My goal?
Is to move Mr. Vanderquack around all 50 states by Jeep convoy!!
I bought a 20 inch giant plush duck, had a GPS unit sewed into it so that it can be charged. Strapped his luggage 🧳 to him that includes his GPS charger, plus a travel passport so that everyone can record the city and Jeep name who participates in moving him 😊
He can be tracked in real time (like Santa’s sleigh at Christmas) so that we can all follow his travels. Everyone can even add a small sticker to his luggage depicting his travels.
Once he returns back to me, we can then auction or raffle him off to benefit St. Jude Research!
Mr. Vanderquack’s journey will start in St. Louis Missouri. I think it would be a great testimony of the strength and magnitude of the Jeep culture.
Who would be interested in helping me?"
From that very moment, the wheels began to turn and the magic across the map began.  Jeepers embraced the challenge and took it to greater heights of excellence.  This may be our first year... but definitely won't be the last!