What Does Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Mr. Vanderquack All Have In Common?

What Does Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Mr. Vanderquack All Have In Common?

You have heard of Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman.... but what do they have to do with Mr. Vanderquack?

Those guys are all superhero's..... 

Hold tight!  Our very own Mr. Vanderquack is currently out on the road raising money for the kids and families at St. Jude.  However, back here at home we are busy taking Mr. V to the next level of awesome for the kids.  "Smiles for miles",  is taking on a new meaning.Mr. V Flock of Superhero's

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is finally here!  Our super cute, cuddly and awesome feathered friend is now becoming a superhero that the kids and families will come to love at St. Jude. 

How is this possible? 

Well, Mr. V's mom believes in him and all of you that are behind him in our mission.  From the drawing board, to reality.  The steps have been taken and the unveiling of Mr. V,  the newest and most awesome superhero for childhood cancer awareness is less than 2 weeks away!

Mr. V has very special super powers.  His luggage that we all have seen on social media (and some in person already) contains his most special and powerful V-Ray (stethoscope).  When he listens to the tiny pitter patter of children heart around the world, his V-Ray emits courage, strength and bravery into the hearts of our golden warriors.  Not only that, he leaves a very special V-Dar Badge (LED button that clips to their gowns/clothing) and when they get scared or just need a pick me up.  They can simply push the V-Dar button and it sends a message magically to Mr. V, in turn he telepathically sends back instant love and support and a special message with a golden glow appears on their V-Dar button.


If that doesn't have you Jeepers excited, just wait!  There is more to share with you!

Our feathered hero will be providing Mr. V superhero capes to the kids at St. Jude.  They will join the flock of Mr. V's friends and superhero circle.  They will also get a Certificate that acknowledges them as part of his flock of peeps.  Parents will be able to email Mr. V and he will send email messages to the kids. 

Oh by the way, all superhero's have a creed.   Mr. V has one too!


Mr. V Superhero Creed: 

"Fierce, passionate and powerful is the only way

We wear our capes proudly to stand and fight beside you each and every day"


Oh my heart is full as I share this with all of you!


Not only are we helping to fight the battle of childhood cancer by raising money for St. Jude Research with our Jeep Convoy.  We will be on the frontline, helping to heal the hearts of little ones and give them moments of normalcy when they feel hope is lost.  Can you imagine the smiles on the parents faces when they see their child light up with Mr. V's cape on?  I am not sure who will have the bigger smile, the child or their parents.


There are so many great things taking place, but as you know, Mr. Vanderquack is not currently a 501 (c) 3 organization. It is in the works, but those things take time.  In the mean time, there are a few things that we are going to be purchasing to make our journeys to St. Jude smoother in delivering Mr. V capes and V-Dar badges. 

The acquisition of a 5x8 Victory cargo trailer is top on the list which is being purchased at 50% off the price.   As soon as we pick up the trailer, we will be taking it directly to the sign shop to be wrapped with our Mr. V superhero theme wrap which will be the same day we conduct the unveiling of his awesome superhero-ness to the world. 

The graphic design wrap will include  QR scan codes on all four sides to accept donations directly to St. Jude everywhere we go! Our message and our mission will be loud and clear.  Out on the town, or out on the trails, we are raising money for St. Jude in a big way.

This also presents a unique opportunity for 100 individual superhero founders.  We have included a space on the trailer to add the names of 100 individual sponsors on the trailer.  Not just businesses, but real Jeepers just like you and me. 

The cost of sponsorship is $120.  You will not only have your name forever memorialized as a founding superhero member on Mr. V's wrapped trailer, you will also receive your official Mr. V cape (adult size), certificate and the coveted Mr. V Superhero  Founding Member T-shirt.

If you are interested in becoming one of the 100 sponsors, I would strongly suggest doing so quickly.  The spots will be gone in the blink of an eye and as quick as a push of Mr. V's V-Dar Badge button!








  • Jesse Aguirre

    Can’t wait to ride with me V this Friday… it’s an honor to drive for him cuz he is an inspiration of good faith and good will… stay tune for more adventures of mr. V…

  • Crystal & John Shriner

    So happy to be apart of such a GREAT Mission!!! BIg TEXAS Support & Love here!!!

  • Susan Shouse

    I sooooooi love this I’m so blessed to be part of an amazing group of people !!!!

  • Brenda Gibson

    This is Amazing!

  • Colleen James

    May I suggest adding a QR scan code and a pic of Mr. V in a Cape on top of the trailer…for easier viewing from hospital rooms ..etc…the kids are gonna love this.
    Great Idea. Thank You. …

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