Jeep Convoy Grew by Thousands in Just Weeks

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Jeep Convoy Grew by Thousands in Just Weeks

  Founder of Mr. Vanderquack’s movement, Lisa Unverzagt shared that she feels the need to pinch herself daily to see if she is dreaming.  It all started with one Facebook post in the “I Love Jeep” group.  

  What she thought would be a few hundred volunteers that would offer to help move Mr. Vanderquack, turned into thousands with almost a hundred being added every couple of days to the private group.  It’s simply amazing at the momentum and excitement building around Mr. V’s arrival into small and big towns across the map.  Donations to Mr. Vanderquack’s St. Jude fundraiser are steadily growing daily!

When the journey is all said and done, Mr. Vanderquack will have traveled over 50,000 miles!  He will be ready for some much needed rest and relaxation.  Which he will get after he goes to his forever home.  How will he find his forever home?  Once he returns from his travel, he will be raffled off and one person/family will have the honor of caring for Mr. V forever.  The additional monies raised from the raffle will go towards the goal of raising money for the kids and families at St. Jude.



  • Sheila Staggs

    Please sign me up to help! I’m right on the border of IL and WI in beloit

  • Sherri Doyle

    I would love to help. I’m in Ga on the Ne side, border of Tn ( near Chattanooga) and Ga. Knoxville, Nashville, and Atlanta are each 2 hrs from me. I’m 4 min off I75 and could easily hook up with the next person. Let me know if I fit into the schedule. Thank you!

  • Jackie McGuire

    I would love to help move him through Georgia. Elberton to Gainesville or any peice of that. Or the Athens Monroe area where I work. How do we find out about open slots and times?

  • Mary Losh

    How do we sign up for a leg?

  • Dave Ruten

    We live in the Knoxville tn area and would like to participate if you have a spot open we will travel with the Mr vanderquack if needed please contact us if there is a spot open for us to do are part thanks Dave

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