Feathered Friend Takes to the Road for St. Jude Research

  On September 3rd, Mr. Vanderquack started out on his journey beginning in St. Louis, Missouri to raise money for St. Jude Research.  However, he isn’t doing it alone.  He is joined by hundreds of Jeep owners to create the longest Jeep

Mr. Vanderquack Mov’n for St. Jude Across All 50 States Jeep Convoy

The route has been laid out, broke down by a total of 34 legs.  While not the the most straight and direct route.  The map was created to touch as many lives as possible while traveling through 650 cities.

Stay tuned as participants across the map will be sharing their stories and telling their feathers tails of Mr. Vanderquack.


  • Angi Glass

    I live in Ohio, and am a member of the Grand Lake Jeep Club. When is this event coming near me? I would love to participate!! Thank you, Angi from Ohio

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